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Microscopy Workshop

shy shoham.jpg

Shy Shoham (NYU)

The ISFN will host a 2-day microscopy workshop at the end of the conference (16-17th January) that will be focused on spatial light modulation (SLM) and related emerging applications in neuroscience. The workshop will include lectures from experts in the field as well as special hands-on demos for students, in collaboration and sponsored by Throlabs. 


Speakers will include:





Hillel Adesnik (Berkley)


Arseny Finkelstein (TAU)


Takashi Kawashima (WIS)

Yoav Livneh (WIS).jpg

Yoav Livneh (WIS)


Yoav Adam (HUJI)


Sponsored by

Co- organized by Pablo Blinder and Tal Laviv (TAU).


A message regarding registration for the workshop will be sent in May 2023.

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